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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Barangay Directory of Lucena City of "STI Lucena"

The ABC - Lucena is the Association of Barangay Captains of Lucena that handles all the information of all barangays in the city. The Association is having a difficult time in handling the information of the barangay, such as the efficiency in monitoring and updating of their information or their file management system. They also have problems in the promotion of the barangay or announcing an event of the barangay, thus it can only be known locally.

The association is having such problems. The "STI Lucena" proponents proposed the “Web-based Barangay Directory of Lucena with Content Management System (CMS). The significance of this study is to solve all problems stated by the Association and helping the announcing of events or their social activity of the barangays, it can also help any people that need the information of the any barangay that can be found here that interest them; to the local people it will help them know the events for that day; for the motorist it will provide road maps for their convenience; to the businessman it will provide the location of where they can establish a business; to the people who wants to live in some specific barangay they chose t will show them all the profile of the barangay. And also the "STI Lucena" proponents will be developed in creating new strategies in programming, documentation, and data gathering. This will also sharpen their experiences and skills when it comes to project management just like in taking and accomplishing responsibilities.

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